Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Connecticut is to conduct and communicate the highest quality economic research to improve the viability of the food and fiber sector and protect and enhance the environment in the state, the nation, and the world. To accomplish its mission the Department has concentrated its efforts in three areas:

Food Marketing
Encompassing the study of domestic and international markets for food and fiber for the purpose of increasing the variety, quality, and availability of such products and of improving the structure and efficiency of markets. The Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy is the coordinating group in this area.

Environmental and Resource Economics
Including the study of land, water, coastal resources, fisheries and aquaculture management and policy issues as well as environmental economic concerns and policies. Part of these activities are coordinated through the federally funded Connecticut Sea Grant Program.

International Agricultural Development and Trade
Including the study of international trade policies, foreign market development, and the role of food safety, health, and agriculture in international economic development.

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