Pengfei Liu

Field Interests
  • Primary: Environmental Economics, Lab and Field Experiment
  • Secondary: Industrial Organization, Behavior Economics
Dissertation Topic Public Good Provision, Credit Stacking Issue in Environmental Market
  • Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Connecticut, anticipated graduation 2015
  • M.S., Environmental and Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island, 2011. Major Advisor: Stephen K. Swallow
  • B.S., Resource Science and Engineering, College of Resource Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, 2009
  • B.A., International Economy and Trade, School of Economics and Business Administration, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, 2009
Awards and Honors
  • 2007 Beijing Normal University Academic Special Scholarship, Beijing Normal University
  • 2009 Four Year Fellowship Guarantee from Chinese Scholarship Council in pursing Doctoral Degree oversea. (Defied due to full tuition and living expense coverage from URI)
  • 2011 Graduate Fellowship, University of Rhode Island
  • 2012 Paul Putnam Travel Award, University of Connecticut.
2012 Charles J. Zwick Award, University of Connecticut
  • 2013 Del Favero Scholarship, University of Connecticut.
2014 Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Connecticut
  • 2014 Conference Travel Award, Yale School of Management, The Yale Center for Customer Insights
Related Work Experience
  • 2009-2011 Research Assistant, Department of Environmental and Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island, RI
  • 2011-Present Research Assistant, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Connecticut, CT
  • 2012 Eighteenth Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics, with funding from International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE), Chapman university, CA
  • 2012 Agriculture and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) 2012 selected paper committee (reviewer for behavior economics).
  • 2013 Workshop. Agricultural Markets for Ecosystem Services: Greenhouse Gases, Conservation Practice Adoption, and Behavioral Responses, USDA/ERS. Washington D.C.
  • 2013 Stony Brook University and University of Connecticut Joint Meeting on environmental and ecological research in the coastal zones. UConn’s Marine Sciences Department at Avery Point
  • 2014-2016 Senior/Key personnel, co-drafting the proposal, "Credit Stacking in Environmental Markets: Farmers’ Participation Incentives, Social Efficiency and Potential Environmental Con- sequences". Funded by USDA/NIFA/AFRI-2013, with P.I. S. Swallow, co-P.I., R. Chazden, C. Elphick. Awarded in full amount, $289,240.
  • 2010-2011 Vice President, Chinese Students and Scholar Association, University of Rhode Island
  • 2014-2015 Vice President, Graduate Student Association, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Connecticut
Teaching Experience
  • 2014 Completion Certificate. Teaching Assistant Program. The Institute for Teaching and Learning. University of Connecticut.
  • 2014 Guest Lecturer, ARE 3434 (Environmental and Resource Policy, undergraduate level), University of Connecticut

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
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