Sustainable Management of Dams

Click on the links to download the RESCON Research Output. 


Reservoir Conservation, Volume I: The RESCON Approach, by A. Palmieri, F. Shah, G. W. Annandale, and A. Dinar. The World Bank, 2003.

Reservoir Conservation, Volume II: The RESCON Model and User Manual, by S. Kawashima, T. B. Johndrow, G. W. Annandale, and F. Shah. The World Bank, 2003.


RESCON Computer Program, by S. Kawashima, T. B. Johndrow, G. W. Annandale, and F. Shah (April 2003). This program has an Excel interface and can be used at the planning stages when strategic decisions for reservoir sedimentation need to be made. As you open the program file, you will be alerted to enable macros. Please do so, as this is necessary for carrying out the computations.

We look forward to learning about your experience with the RESCON program. Please let us know if you encounter any problems while using this software or if you have any other comments/suggestions.

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