Eric Owusu

Ph.D. Student

Areas of Interest:

  • Agricultural Productivity
  • Economic Development

Previous education:

BSc. Agriculture (Economics major), KNUST

MPhil Agricultural Economics, Univ. of Ghana


Namara, R.E., L. Hope, E.S. Owusu, C. De Fraiture, and D. Owusu. 2014. “Adoption patterns and constraints pertaining to small-scale water lifting technologies in Ghana.” Agricultural Water Management 131:194–203.

 Kuwornu, J.K.M., and E.S. Owusu. 2012. “Irrigation access and per capita consumption expenditure in farm households: Evidence from Ghana.” Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics 4(3):78–92.

 Kamwamba-Mtethiwa, J., R. Namara, C. De Fraiture, J. Mangisoni, and E.S. Owusu. 2012. “Treadle pump irrigation in Malawi: Adoption, gender and benefits.” Irrigation and Drainage 61(5):583–595.

 Owusu, E.S., R.E. Namara, and J.K.M. Kuwornu. 2011. “The Welfare-enhancing Role of Irrigation in Farm Households in Northern Ghana.” International Diversity 61(1):61–87.

Previous professional experience:

1.International Water Management Institute (Research Officer)

2. CSIR-Food Research Institute (Research Scientist)


Boris Bravo-Ureta

PhD student
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