Zhenshan Chen

Ph.D. Student

Areas of Interest:

  • Policy Evaluation
  • Flood risk
  • Environmental Economics
  • Land-use policy

Previous education:

B.S., Physics, Sun Yat-sen University, 2011.

M.S., Economics, Ocean University of China, 2014.


1. Non-participation and Heterogeneity in Stated Preferences: A double hurdle latent class approach for climate change adaptation plans and ecosystem services. (Revised and Resubmitted to Environmental and Resource Economics)

2. How Does SNAP Affect Diet Quality? Evidence from FoodAPS. (Revised and Resubmitted to Food Policy)

3. Recreational Homes’ Impact on Agricultural Land Use. (Submitted to the American Journal of Agricultural Economics)


Charles Towe, Stephen Swallow, Kathleen Segerseen

Contact Information