Ph.D. Job Placements

Sample of Initial Placements of Past Ph.D. Graduates

Name Date of Degree Position Institution
Krumel, Thomas 2020 Agricultural Economist USDA ERS, Washington, D.C.
Jelliffe, Jeremy 2020 Economist USDA, MO
Yuan, Niu 2019 Adjunct Faculty UConn, CT
Dahal, Mahesh 2019 Consultant/Economist World Bank 
Choi, Yoon-Young 2019 Statistician Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, UConn, CT
Tiboldo, Guilia 2019 Post Doctorate Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Chakrabarti, Anwesha
2019 Post Doctorate Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Murray, Timothy 2019 Assistant Professor of Marketing Virginia Military Institute, VA
Yang, Di 2017 Program Analyst WWF
Zaffou, Madiha 2016 Principal Economic & Policy Analyst Department of Revenue, RI
Qi, Lingqiao 2016 Quantitative/Modeling Associate Key Bank
Liu, Pengfei 2016 Assistant Professor University of Rhode Island, RI
Hoke, Omer 2016 Transfer Pricing Senior Associate PwC, CA
Solis, Daniel 2015 Agribusiness Program Leader Florida A&M University, FL
Lachaud, Michee 2014 Assistant Professor Floria A&M University, FL
Castellari, Elena 2014 Researcher Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Zheng, Hualu 2014 Assistant Professor of Marketing Susquehanna University, PA
Rabinowitz, Adam  2014 Assistant Professor & Extension Economist Auburn University, AL
Li, Xun 2014 Assistant Professor Wuhan University, China
Patalinghug, Jason 2013 Visiting Assistant Professor Wesleyan University, CT
Zhu, Chen 2013 Assistant Professor China Agricultural University
Rhodes, Charles 2013 ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, D.C.
Muawanah, Umi 2013 Researcher Ministry of Marine Affairs, Indonesia
Tsvetanov, Tsvetan 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University, CT
de Almeida, Alexandre 2010 Assistant Professor of Economics Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
Londono-Diaz, Luz 2010 Chief of Economic Valuation Institute of Marine and Coastal Research, Colombia
Cohen, Michael 2009 Visiting Assistant Professor New York University, NY
Gnedenko, Katerina 2009 Lecturer Tufts University, MA
Tchumtchoua, Sylvie 2009 Postdoctoral Associate Duke University, NC
Qaiser, Shadab 2009 Instructor McMaster University, Canada
Liu, Xiaoou 2009 Assistant Professor Renmin University of China, China
Kisswani, Khalid 2009 Assistant Professor Gulf University of Science and Technology, NV
Joglekar, Deepak 2009 Adjunct Faculty Boston College, MA
Lee, Yoon 2009 Research Fellow Global Green Strategy Research, South Korea