Specialty Crop Projects

Reports Co-Authored by Zwick Center Members Related to Specialty Crops


Outreach Reports/Fact Sheets

Khanal, Binod. 2019. "Costs and Returns for Eggplant Production in Connecticut in 2018". CT Costs & Returns for Eggplant Production 2018

Bravo-Ureta, Boris E. and Jelliffe, Jeremy L. 2013. "An Economic Analysis of Wine Grape Production in the State of Connecticut". Wine Grape Production Analysis in CT


Research Reports

Bravo-Ureta, Boris E., Jelliffe, Jeremy L., Deom, C. Michael and Okello, David Kalule. 2016. "THE SUSTAINABILITY OF FARMER-LED MULTIPLICATION AND DISSEMINATION OF HIGH-YIELD AND DISEASE RESISTANT GROUNDNUT VARIETIES". Sustainability of Groundnuts

Larson, Bruce A. 2002. "Eco-Labels for Credence Attributes: The Case of Shade-Grown Coffee". Eco-Labels & Coffee