Zwick Center Fact Sheets

Wine Sales in Connecticut Grocery Stores: A Deeper Dive into the Data 

Author: Kimberly Rollins, Cristina Connolly, Alyssa McDonnell | 2023 | pp 2 | Free Download

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Connecticut Dairy Farm Sector

Author: Christ Laughton, Rigoberto A. Lopez, and Avery Bikerman| 2020 | pp 5 | Free Download

CBD Hemp Production Costs & Returns for Connecticut Farmers in 2020

Author: Jeremy Jelliffe, Rigoberto A. Lopez, and Shuresh Ghimire| 2020 | pp 2 | Free Download

What's Happening with Local? The Ins and Outs of Local Purchasing

CT Farm Bureau Association Newsletter

Author: Ben Campbell, Adam Rabinowitz, and Yizao Liu| 2015 | pp 2 | Free Download

A Survey of Schools Pest Management Practices

Author: C. Bartholomew| 2013 | pp 2 | Free Download