The Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy

The Zwick Center provides economic research on problems related to food, public health, natural resources, environment, energy, and sustainable regional economic development.The Center's goal is to improve society's wellbeing by providing research results in the form of practical information for individuals, firms and public policy-makers to use to enhance decision-making outcomes and the functioning of markets.

Key users include private firms, consumer organizations, non-profit organizations, scholars, public agencies, and policy makers.

Zwick Center research products are provided in these web pages in the form of:

  • Outreach Reports / Fact Sheets: These brief summaries describe the implications of research results as relevant to decision-makers, with references to supporting research reports, working papers and journal articles.
  • Research Reports:  These reports discuss economic research questions, summarize methods, and describe key results of studies.
  • Working Paper Series: These scholarly papers provide economic theory and describe quantitative approaches used to address economic problems that are the focus of Zwick Center research and analysis.  These papers will eventually appear, in modified form, as refereed academic journal articles.
Dr. Charles J. Zwick

Dr. Charles J. Zwick

Recent Zwick Center Products:

CBD Hemp Production Costs & Returns for Connecticut Farmers in 2020 Summary (Fact Sheet 1)  ZwickFS1_Feb27

CBD Hemp Production Costs & Returns for Connecticut Farmers in 2020 (Outreach Report No. 66) ZwickOR66_Feb27

Economic Impacts of The Connecticut Green Industry in 2017 (Outreach Report No. 63) Zwick_or63_CTGreen Industry_2020

Wine Grape Production in Connecticut: A Financial Analysis, 2020 (Outreach Report No. 62) Zwick_or62_GE.JJ&BBU_2020